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Devoteam Foundation

“Tech for People Unlocks the Future”

At Devoteam we have a conviction: shaping tech for people unlocks the future. The Devoteam Foundation brings this #TechforPeople vision to life, helping NGOs reach their full potential with world-changing work.

We care about using our tech expertise to create better change in the world. And to help NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs reach operational excellence as they maximize their social impact.

The #TechforPeople Programme transforms and powers up their digital strategy, all the while promoting responsible and positive technology.

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– Devoteam Foundation Highlight 2022

Some key figures

35+ NGOs and social entrepreneurs supported each year with pro bono work
300+ tech experts across 25 countries creating better change yearly
1300+ days of engagement
300K€ donated in 2022

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Through different programs and initiatives we seek to support causes our collaborators are engaged with. The Call for Projects Program donates yearly to associations presented by Devoteamers, and where they participate to promote their work. Local initiatives to raise funds and donate materials are also part of our scope.

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Using our consultant’s skills and experience we aim to have an impact within our social ecosystem and contribute to NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs throguh Pro Bono Work projects and #TechforPeople Labs.

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Raising awareness about diverse topics, building partnerships with key players and creating spaces to share knowledge are also a part of the Devoteam Foundation’s work. We connect our collaborators across entities and grographies creating a bigger impact.

Our Partners

Discover some of our initiatives

Using AI to study the impact of climate change on wildlife

Devoteam Foundation x CREA Mont Blanc

CREA Mont-Blanc studies alpine environments to understand how they are impacted by climate change.

With the support of consultants from Devoteam Revolve, CREA Mont-Blanc has been able to better leverage collaborative science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process thousands of photos to gather data, allowing for an informed decision making process with AWS tech.

© CREA Mont-Blanc

Impact Days: More engagement and solutions for our social ecosystem 

Twice a year, Devoteam Foundation organises an Impact Day, joining each time around 100 devoteamers from 5 to 10 countries and supporting 7 to 10 NGOs to hack the digital challenges they are facing. 

Devoteam employees share their knowledge during 3 hours of mini-hackathons held simultaneously and organized in collaboration with Makesense

On top of supporting NGOs, they experience Devoteam’s mission: “empower our clients to imagine and realise Better Change”

Using CRM tool for better management of stakeholders

A French-Serbian mission

Gemmes  is a non-governmental organization that works to help young people reach their full potential and contribute to society.

Salesforce specialists from Devoteam S platform in Serbia and Product Owner team of Devoteam Creative Tech in France led the setup and integration of a CRM to rationalize data, processes, and stakeholders experiences for Gemmes.

We helped them to optimise and organise  all their business processes thanks to an excellent collaboration with the Gemmes team. We created a most valuable solution for them which centralised all their business needs using the Salesforce Non-Profit cloud. Teodora Lolic, Devoteam S Platform, Serbia

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Devoteam Takes Action in Humanitarian Crisis:

A Commitment to Making a Difference

In response to urgent crises, Devoteam organizes donation campaigns in collaboration with trusted partners. For such campaigns, Devoteamers are invited to donate, Devoteam Foundation doubles this amount and offers additional funding.

The latest emergencies with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the Earthquake disasters in Syria and Turkey, led the Devoteam Foundation to launch group-wide donation campaigns. Collecting 60k€ from Devoteam and Devoteamers to benefit the Red Cross and around 50k€ from ACTED to directly support the population in need.

Supporting devoteamers engagement in NGOs with the Call for Projects 

Devoteam Foundation internal Call for Projects is an annual initiative that donates to the nonprofits and to the social causes that devoteamers are involved in. Every year, all of our employees  across EMEA are encouraged to participate in this charity drive. 

Each year, more than 50 NGOs are financially supported in around 10 countries.

Discover below the testimonials of our employees 

When I’m back in Portugal, I like to dedicate my time to the CASA foundation – Center for the support of the homeless. The contribution of the Devoteam Foundation will support this organisation to continue its noble work: to guarantee a dignified life to many people in precarious situations. Many thanks Devoteam Foundation Ines Valadas, Business Developer at Devoteam G Cloud in Belgium, one of the beneficiaries of the 2022 call for project

Discover more testimonials of our employees

Thank you Devoteam Foundation for the donation. It is a real help to move forward for our projects all over the world and it’s a real pleasure and a real proof of engagement from Devoteam

Fatima Dagdag Senior Lead Consultant and career manager at innovative tech

Devoteam Foundation’s contribution helped us to reach our goal with more serenity. Thank you for your support.

Sahayaiz Romero Molina Lead Consultant in Devoteam Cyber Trust

Global warming and climate change are the biggest challenges for all of us. Thank you Devoteam Foundation for supporting a great cause. Let’s protect our winters now!

Claude-Andréas Momesso Senior Consultant at M Cloud

The contribution of the Devoteam Foundation will support this organisation to continue its noble work and to guarantee a dignified life to many people in precarious situations.

Inês Valadas Business Developer for Devoteam G Cloud

Some associations supported 

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Devoteam Foundation Highlight 2022



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