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Human progress must embed our Natural Capital

We mitigate our environmental impact to preserve our planet.

Tech power seems virtual and infinite, but it does have materiality. Today digital represents around 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and it’s expected to increase exponentially if we don’t take action. Our duty as a tech company is to unlock the tech potential for green solutions, while limiting its materiality in a virtuous approach.

Our key actions

Meassuring our impact

At Devoteam we have lead a carbon assessment at Group level, to set the baseline to take initiative and improve.

Lead mitigation and adaptation actions

We have committed to submit our carbon trajectory to Science-Based Target initiative

Promoting action

Through different initiatives Devoteamers can join in environmental and sustainable efforts and include good practices in their daily activities.

Find out more – Some of our activities

Creating awareness in our ecosystem

We aim to become greener with powerful digital tools and promote good practices with our clients and partners.

Find out more – Sustainability enabled by Digital

Some of our actitivies

Using AI to study the impact of climate change on wildlife

Devoteam Foundation x CREA Mont Blanc

CREA Mont-Blanc studies alpine environments to understand how these are impacted by climate change.

With the support of Consultants from Devoteam Revolve, CREA Mont-Blanc has been able to better leverage collaborative science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process thousands of photos to gather data allowing for an informed decission making process.

© CREA Mont-Blanc

Commitment to biodiversity conservation

Mindful of environmental issues and biodiversity in particular, Devoteam Group is seeking to play its part in addressing these fundamental issues
by installing beehives on the roofs of its head office buildings.

Devoteam Group is hosting 3 hives in the rooftop of its Headquarters, with up to 180,000 bees during the summer who produce on average 30kg of honey each year.

The Devoteam Foundation has also supported Happyculteur, who promotes the protection of bees and biodiversity, by proposing accessible beekeeping.

Reforestation through our Blossom Engagement

As part of the On Boarding Process all new Devoteamers have the opportunity to counter-balance part of their Carbon Emissions by planting a tree in cooperation with Reforest’Action. Appart from the offset CO2 the initiative has so far:

  • +16,000 habitats for wild animals
  • +5,300 work spaces for local communities
  • +21,400 months of oxigen generated

European Sustainable Development Weeks

In September 2022, all Devoteamers were invited to take part in the European Sustainable Development Weeks with a series of conferences and activities to raise awareness and involvement towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a specific focus on SGD 4 – Quality Education – and SDG 13 – Climate Action. 

3000 Devoteamers participated in the 15+ events and challenges organised globally and in 6 countries (Denmark, France, Portugal, Tunisia, UK & Luxembourg), with various angles such as “How to work sustainably as a digital consultant?”, “Sustainable Design and Ethical IT”, or intervention of external speakers like Inclusive Coding and Time for the Planet.
They were also invited to join the new Earth Club that brings together all Devoteamers who wish to get involved in nature and ecology, driving individual initiatives with their colleagues.

Thanks to this programme I have learnt a lot regarding the carbon life cycle during the climate fresk workshop and then found concrete and measurable actions to reduce my carbon footprint thanks to the 2 tonnes workshop. Morgane Landouer, Lead Consultant France

The Carbon hackers

In 2022, a group of 30 carbon hackers from 12 countries worked together during three months to define and promote eco-friendly behaviors.  During this period, they depeened their knowledge and understanding about carbon reduction,  participated in a “Climate fresk” and a “2 Tonnes workshop”. Moreover, they they were encourage to network and share  ideas with other Carbon Hackers before inspiring other Devoteamers through the  Earth Club

Hack in the Woods Festival (Microsoft Partner Pledge) Luxembourg

Through the Microsoft Partner Pledge, Devoteamers from Luxembourg were invited to attend the Hack in the Woods festival, where people put our #TechforPeople vision to life, by helping NGOs reach their full potential with code. During 4 days, they participated in conferences, concerts, intense Coding sessions, knowledge sharing, in an amazing place with comfy teepees and many ‘team building’ activities.

Supporting Iles de Paix to rethink the mapping of field volunteers for their awareness and donation campaign was a great experience. We were able to propose a POC to the final jury! Loic Burnotte, Full stack Developer

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Join us. The value of creativity is exponential. And we believe in big investment in our talents. If you have a passion for driving sustainability and a desire to create better change with tailor-made solutions, get in touch.

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