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Making your tech journey more secure.

Opportunities come with risks. It is how risks are managed that defines success.
Approaching Cybersecurity with the right structure and balance is a fundamental practice that drives higher competitive advantage and agility for organisations in the modern world.

Alert Readiness Framework

Bridging Business and Cybersecurity in a Modern Framework — Pioneering a Business-Centric Approach to Achieve Cyber Resilience in Today’s Digital Age.

Alert Readiness Framework represents a new era, where business and cybersecurity are intertwined, driving resilience and value in an ever-evolving landscape

Cybersecurity as a business enabler rather than as a Gatekeeper

The world is changing. Technology is an integral part of the reason for that change, bringing various personal and professional opportunities.

These opportunities also translate into risks, and Cybersecurity is a major concern on corporate agendas.

In the current intense and evolving threat landscape, every move can have a disastrous impact if risks are not managed properly.

So our mission is to support and empower our clients to thrive securely in the digital age by combining our expertise, best practices and technology with the most innovative approaches.

Our core offerings Approach Cybersecurity with the right structure and balance to a higher competitive advantage

You can think of us as your trusted cybersecurity partner. We consult, advise and use our expertise to develop solutions as part of a design, implementation or managed services.

Cyber Resilience

Draw a powerful Cyber strategy to take more opportunities with fewer risks.

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Applied Security

Proven solutions powered by demonstrated technologies and platforms.

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Managed Services

Solving current cyber challenges through innovative solutions as a Service.

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Cyber Resilience

Draw a powerful Cyber strategy to take more opportunities with fewer risks.

Cyber Maturity, Strategy & Roadmap

Craft what needs to be done and scale to the next level. Advise and support to plan and execute an integrated security approach.

  • Cyber Maturity Assessment
  • Cyber Strategy & Roadmap
  • Zero-trust Roadmap
  • Cyber Program Management
  • Transition Management
  • Target Operating Model and 
  • Organizational Design, 
  • Technology Selection
  • Cyber Security Studies on innovation

Compliance Advisory & Regulatory

Enable compliance on the main EU regulations with dedicated approach for Policies, Standards, Processes and Guidelines.

  • Policies & Standards
  • Compliance Program 

Audit support:

  • NIST 800-53 
  • ISO27K
  • NIS/NIS2

Cyber Risk Management and Insights

Anticipate risks with the right structure and balance.

  • Cyber Risk Management 
  • 3rd Party Risk Management
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Threat Modelling & Analysis
  • Cyber Metrics Dashboarding
  • Security Awareness & Behavior
  • IntegrityGRC
  • ServiceNow GRC


Offensive Security

A range of outstanding proactive testing and assessment services aimed at identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities in all aspects.

  • Traditional & Persistent Penetration Testing
  • Red Teaming
  • Web Applications / APIs and Mobile Applications Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering – Phishing / Spear Phishing exercises
  • Infrastructure – External or Internal Penetration Testing
  • IoT / WiFi / VPN Penetration Testing
  • Active Directory Penetration Testing

Applied Security

Proven solutions powered by demonstrated technologies and platforms.

Multi-cloud security

Accelerate cloud adoption with security governance and controls.
Secure Cloud Governance with comprehensive visibility and threat detection to secure your workloads in your multi-cloud environment

Cyber Maturity:

  • Secure Cloud Transformation
  • Cloud Security Posture 
  • Cloud Workload Protection


  • Container security

Identity & Access Management

Combine security and business efficiency by analysis, implementation and governance of processes and technologies to allow automated and intelligent access for employees, third parties and machines

Zero Trust:

  • Zero Trust enablement

Access Management

Digital Identity Solutions:

  • Identity Governance
  • IAM
  • PAM

Our unmatched ecosystem of global and strategic partners

Managed Security Services

Let us manage your security services for you in a more effective and efficient way with the right technology, expertise, and capabilities.

Effective Persistent Penetration Testing service and platform.

The service covers:

  • Continued tests where our consultants use the same methodologies and mindset as a potential attacker to attack infrastructures and applications and provide continuous feedback
  • Manual deep testing to greater and more accurate results
  • Correction process follow-up and re-tests
  • Web Platform so clients can manage their assets, deal with associated vulnerabilities and risk levels, have access to different metrics and extract reports

Continued Information Security Management Services.

The service covers:

  • Continued Consulting services to support clients in achieving their goals
  • Effective management of resources in the context of Information Security Management targeted to People, Processes and Technology
  • Web Platform to ensure Security Management and Compliance operation in an agile, effective and efficient manner, with support to pre-loaded and custom workflows and notifications system, and monitor results and its evolution over time

Continued identification and mitigation of third party risk.

The service covers:

  • 3rd Party Risk Management processes with identification and qualification of 3rd Parties and selection of the right approach for each 3rd Party group
  • Assessment programs and mitigation plans
  • Structured Reporting & tailor-made Recommendations, with evidence collection
  • Web platform which allows overall process management, risk levels monitoring, activities reporting, and support mitigation process of each 3rd party

Team Expertise

As a Service company, our main asset is people, thus we are essentially focused and continuously investing in our resources’ knowledge, experience and continuous training. In the Information Security scope, we have a set of highly experienced consultants, who have more than 15 years of experience in consulting, auditing and management of critical projects in the InfoSec field.

Our resources have a significant number of relevant international certifications in the cybersecurity field, aligned with the best practices of the industry in the GRC, Applied Security, and Managed Services domains. Get in touch to know more about our certifications and services.

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