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Celebrating 2024 with a purpose

For a remarkable seventeen years, Devoteam foundation has been at the forefront, championing sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and the digital evolution of nonprofits. Happy 2024 from Devoteam – where technology meets heart!

Devoteam’s Philanthropic Symphony: Empowering NGOs Globally with Innovation and Compassion

  • 1000 days of pro bono work
  • 18 TechforPeople Labs, 200 Devoteamers, supporting 18 NGOs in 10 countries
  • 47 NGOs sponsored through annual call for projects
  • Techradar for nonprofits
  • 300k€ direct financial donation to social ecosystem in EMEA

VEEP : Our sustainability strategy to creating a positive impact on the people and the world around us


Drive positive change in our ecosystem with tech


Mitigate our environmental impact to preserve our planet


Promote trusted and sustainable relationships


Nurture talents to create a positive future

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Our Commitment to VEEP

At Devoteam we embrace a holistic approach to sustainability, focusing on four core pillars that shape our values and drive positive impact. Our commitment is ingrained in every facet of our operations, guiding us towards a future where business success aligns seamlessly with environmental responsibility, ethical conduct, and societal well-being.

TechRadar For Nonprofits

Tech Radar for Nonprofits aids digital expansion, fostering confidence and purpose.

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Devoteam earns EcoVadis Platinum, placing in the top 1% globally for responsible and sustainable business performance with a 78/100 score

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Devoteam commits to Science Based Targets, aligning with Paris Agreement goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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Devoteam Foundation

The Foundation enhances NGOs’ digital strategies, promoting responsible tech for operational excellence and social impact

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Join our global community driving innovation, compassion, and sustainability. Be a catalyst for positive impact—explore our commitment and be part of the journey towards a greener, more connected future

5000+ Devoteamers & clients engaged in 50+ initiatives in EMEA  for Devoteam Sustainable Development Month and Earth Day

Join the conversation for a greener future! To watch the Sustainability Round Table webinar